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We offer a variety of logistics services to address all concerns of our clients. This helps the businesses we partner with flourish to their fullest.

Quality Team

We give immense stress to building a high-quality team that can serve our customers with utmost satisfaction.

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Logistics are the building block for most businesses. We prioritize effective and timebound delivery ahead of everything.

Transportation Services -

Shree Shyam Logistics is regarded as one of the finest goods transportation service providers in the country, providing efficient, innovative, and cost-effective logistics services to clients. We specialise in providing goods transportation services for both domestic and commercial products such as decorative furniture, kitchen utensils, pharmaceutical prescriptions, machinery, food items (FMCG), building materials, coal, and a variety of other commodities.

Warehousing Services -

Shree Shyam Logistics offers a variety of customized warehousing services that suits the requirements of every industry present anywhere in India. We provide comprehensive warehousing services to meet all of your requirements. Your items are received, stored, packed, tracked, and sent by us. Our warehouse management system gives you complete control over commodity movement and storage in the warehouse and across the supply chain.


In-Plant Logistic Services -

The transportation of raw materials, components, and sub-assemblies within a company’s production plant are as big a thing as moving finished goods out of the factory. Shree Shyam Logistics understand this importance and provide customers with a perfect In-Plant Logistic Service that will take care of all logistics needs inside your manufacturing units is a hassle-free manner.

Spare Parts Logistics Services -

Our Spare Parts Logistics Team provides a one-of-a-kind and smooth Distribution Management and Inventory Management Service to our customers. We can get your emergency replacement parts to their designated locations owing to strategically planned inventory locations and our warehouse management system.

Reverse Logistics Services

Every supply chain needs reverse logistics, but it’s a function that’s often neglected. Shree Shyam Logistics is your go-to partner in reverse logistics and returns handling, ensuring speed, accuracy, and efficiency. We can handle the complicated task of processing returns, from seasonal returns to simple everyday returns to the requirement to trash or recycle outdated items. Get in touch with us or get started with a personalised quote right now!

Packaging Services

According to a lot of research, quality packaging is found to be one of the most important parts of any product. Shree Shyam Logistics deliver the proper packaging solution for every movable item for a reduced overall cost without any compromise on the quality of packaging. We are the perfect partner with an industry-leading packaging team whom you can trust to satisfy your packaging needs during transiting goods from one place to another.


Mission &


Our goal is to provide the greatest level of service to every customer. We make every effort to relocate your belongings as quickly and efficiently as possible while maintaining the highest level of care.


Our team at Shree Shyam Logistics operate day and night with an intention to instil customer trust in safe, hassle-free delivery. We believe in the line “Customer is God” and try our might to make our service count.

Spread all across India, Shree Shyam Logistics has IT enabled branches in almost all major cities of the country.