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India has always been a land that is known for its rich import-export culture. We are a powerhouse that is seen as the world leader in clothing, spices, handicrafts and many more. And with the enhancement of globalization, the world is connecting to an extent we have never witnessed. We are experiencing a change that no one had ever seen before. In most countries, people of the various regions are getting attracted to Indian handicrafts, spices and other various items. This had made it necessary for us to provide our customers with a solution that is capable of providing a top-class import-export solution to customers. We at Shree Shyam understand this and that’s why provide clients with high-quality import-export services at affordable rates.

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India is a growth story of the century and it is clearly visible through the multi-folding Export we are achieving. Our enterprise is actively offering the highest quality Goods Export Services to our clients in various parts of the globe, with the help of our immense knowledge and expertise. Our export services are delivered and executed successfully and efficiently by our competent team of professionals. 

If you want to subside the challenges of exporting and want the perfect export service provider then call us now and book us at affordable rates. Hire us and get unmatched service quality for every exporting item now.

Import Service

Your Perfect Import Partner In India!

Shree Shyam Logistics is known for providing the finest goods importing service providers in the country from various corners of the world with efficiency, innovativeness, and cost-effective import services to clients. Our team is specialise in providing import services for various goods for products ranging from decorative furniture, kitchen utensils, pharmaceutical prescriptions, machinery, food items (FMCG), building materials, coal, and a variety of other commodities. 

Our services are offered in accordance with the specified worldwide quality criteria for importing products, and they are widely requested for their responsiveness, perfect execution, and excellent dependability.

So why wait? Hire our Import services now to move your goods more efficiently and cost-effectively throughout India from any part of the world.



Shree Shyam Logistics operates on the believe of providing value services from with complete professionalism.

At Shree Shyam Logistics, we make it easy for our clients to choose from a wide range of trucks and warehouses types especially based on the amount and material type that is needed to be transported or stored.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Shree Shyam Logistics is the best supply chain and transportation service in India provider because of the following reasons:

  • Result of focused fleet management and deployment, all types of vehicles are available at all times.
  • Transportation needs that are customised for your needs.
  • Vehicle tracking, cargo tracking, and safety of commodities.
  • Industry-trained and experienced professionals.
  • Our rates and charges are competitive
  • To avoid complications, we provide fast and reliable door-to-door delivery through a single point of contact.

Only transportation of goods is included in all services agreed through us. If additional manpower or packaging assistance is required, we will provide this at an additional cost. Packing and labour services are not guaranteed.

Shree Shyam Logistics replace lengthy processes (many emails, long phone conversations, chasing down vehicles and bills) with a quick single point multi access supply-chain service in India for any requirements. Our online services and fast processes cut the time it takes to book a shipment to minutes, reduce errors, and provide track and trace technologies, making shipping easier and more efficient.

The process of planning and executing efficient transportation and storage of goods from point of origin to point of demand is the main goal for our logistics and supply-chain service in India. We believe that Logistics’ purpose is to address client needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

In the commercial environment, logistics success leads to higher efficiency, reduced costs, higher production rates, superior inventory control, wiser warehouse resource consumption, enhanced customer and supplier satisfaction, and a better customer experience. We as a responsible Logistic firm understand our customer’s needs and make every step to provide the best service on time every time.

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Best logistic service provider ever

Shree Shyam Logistics is by far my number one preference for any logistic service which my business needs. They are friendly and responsible with their work.

Ganesh Kumar

Partnering with Shree Shyam Logistics was our smartest decision

Partnering with Shree Shyam logistics was one of the best decisions I had taken for my company. They are very efficient in their service.

Samrat Sharma

Experience team who takes care of every problem.

Choosing a good logistic company for supply-chain management turned out to be very profitable for us. 

Pramod Patel

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Spread all across India, Shree Shyam Logistics has IT enabled branches in almost all major cities of the country.